Comms Vision 2020 explores the new realities of Digital Britain, their potential impact on the channel and what needs to be done to prepare.

Topics and sessions will include:

Advancing the business case for full fibre.
The existing communication model has already been rendered obsolete, consigned to history by the 2020 target to curtail orders on BT's traditional telephone network, and the 2025 shift to all-VoIP based on fibre.

Given the relative immaturity of full fibre, are these deadlines unrealistic and unhelpful, or do they catalyse a big industry shift to all-IP, and how will the channel make sense of these seismic changes and look head with a strategic vision?

Full fibre: What gain in the channel so far?
This session will focus on a frontline assessment of the full fibre landscape, charting progress, identifying areas of greatest demand, product roadmaps, and quantifying how channel and end user businesses are benefiting.

Moreover, for Digital Britain to prevail, common sense dictates a joint consideration of 5G and full fibre, and how they set the stage for a digital channel fit to deliver connected Britain.

Reimagining customer engagement in Digital Britain 2.0
Entry points into the customer are being engineered out as we progress towards an all-digital environment – and universal solutions will only continue to scale as full fibre and 5G come to dominate. So how do we remain relevant and differentiate in this disintermediating and commoditising market – and find additional/alternative opportunities?

This session will highlight the areas where opportunities for innovation and differentiation exist and provide a strategic focus on how channel partners can harness the power of innovation and disruption as a route to differentiation and growth in Digital Britain.

Why we need to rethink leadership to be at the forefront of the transformational new frontier?
In Digital Britain, where do you want your business to be, and how will you get there?

This session will address many of the pressing questions and provide insights for channel leaders in Digital Britain 2.0: where to focus on the future, how to move into new and emerging tech markets, future skill requirements and how to assimilate unprecedented industry change.

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5G: A platform for the future of communications?
5G, like full fibre, merits meticulous attention. Given the frequency with which 5G launches are likely to occur, Comms Vision is a timely platform for delegates to receive an update on 5G right now, and undergo a crash course in distinguishing tangible business opportunities from the hype and the headlines. In this session, we will explore the impact of 5G.

Do the underlying economics work? What does 5G mean for businesses? How can channel partners plot a 5G roadmap? Indeed, why should you make 5G a reality for your business?

The channel requires a framework and a marketplace for 5G, and this panel debate will set out the best plan for delegates going forward and show how the channel can take advantage.

Crystallising the 5G opportunity
For all the 5G boasts about unleashing a new era of innovation, the possibilities will remain meaningless concepts in modern communications unless we fully understand what industry-specific applications look like. In this session we take our exploration of 5G further and examine how 5G could enable great advances in tech like VR, AR, mixed reality and the IoT – and how these technologies are likely to impact your customers and your business. This session will also shine a light on how next generation wireless connectivity will reshape our approach to all markets, driven by Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC), Network Slicing, multi-gigabit-per-second speeds and the Tactile Internet.

Moreover, for Digital Britain to prevail, common sense dictates a joint consideration of 5G and full fibre, and how they set the stage for a digital channel fit to deliver connected Britain.

Aggregating Digital Britain
Along the road to Digital Britain, ICT providers cannot be denied cast iron choice, and the channel's aggregators and wholesalers will prove crucial linchpins in delivering the full scope of next generation connectivity and solutions to partners.

In this session we explore the critical role of distribution at the interface of change, and how channel engagement models are likely to evolve in line with the ever greater digital requirements placed on partners by their customers.

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